Class Dojo’s Highly Rated Communication Platform Comes With The Growth Mindset

In order for students to really be successful in their schooling, they need the proper amount of encouragement as well as confidence. Many students in today’s generation of schooling have a larger fear of failing due to negative and bad criticisms from others. There is a company looking for a solution and trying to make schooling a better experience for students everywhere. Class Dojo has created an education platform designed to greatly enhance communication for students as well as parents and teachers. It allows students to better develop their abilities in positive and engaging environments. Along with their platform, Class Dojo has released growth mindset videos, focused on teaching basic principles and helping students set goals. While the program is mostly based on communication, it builds on school communities around the world.

Since Class Dojo first released, the company and their platform has managed to rocket into success, with active use by more than two thirds of all schools within the US. Their level of popularity inspired a research program to be started at Stanford to help correspond with the app and build on it. This in turn will help spread the word about Class Dojo, and bring even more communication to students around the globe. Their growth mindset videos are spread to increase awareness and teach different fundamentals to inspire confidence in students. These growth mindset videos are part of a series, all of which expand on each other. Over time, how the public responds to these videos will determine how they continue going forward.

The videos are a bonus to the great improvement Class Dojo brings to the school environment, providing students with confidence and new ways to learn. The videos teach the same thing the program spreads, communication. The more communication between parents, students, and teachers, the better the experience can be for all parties, which is especially important for a child who is learning and growing. Class Dojo’s platform and everything else is entirely free and easy to use for everyone, anyone can participate at any time. The overall success of the company will determine what the can do next and how far they will continue to expand.

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