Clay Siegall’s strategy to fight Cancer with Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics has a plan to produce a phase 3 of a clinical trial. The trial is going to be advanced and will use Adcetris as its frontline treatment. The plan for the drug is going to be a major source of cure for Hodgkin Lymphoma. According to the company CEO, Clay Siegall, results experienced by the product is going to have the biggest impact both on the company and in the search for Cancer cure.

Adcetris has been largely used to fight the Lymphoma cancer. The drug sells expensively and has generated an immeasurably high amount of sales in both the U.S. and in Canada. Seattle increased its production in the year 2016 and plans to get more cash in terms of sales from the drug. Adcetris is going to be one of the few drugs produced by the company. The company today plans to introduce 12 drugs that are under development. This number does not include the Adcetris drug. The new drugs are going to provide a better treatment for cancer.

The new drugs set to be put by the company are placed after a Phase 3 of clinical trials undertaken by the company. It will use the new phase of drugs to treat acute symptoms of Myeloid Leukemia. Apart from that, Seattle Genetics has been engaged in finding a drug for breast cancer and for bladder cancer. The company is collecting huge amounts of data on the drugs and plans to release the products any time soon.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall co-founder Seattle in 1998. The company was founded as an aim to find a cure for cancer. He has helped the company in several aspects. Siegall has brought the company to the public, and found fundraising in both the public and private scene. His fundraising campaign in 2001 saw the company rise to another level of success. He has always had a desire to find the cure for the disease that wipes out hundreds and thousands of lives each year. This has motivated him to look out for funding from institutions and parties interested in the fight for cancer.

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