Cleaning Economy Consolidates With Handy Getting Over One Million Bookings Every Week

Handy is expected to announce its progress soon, and many people expect the profits to be huge this time. The demand for mobile and online home cleaning and repair has risen significantly, and many consumers have embraced the idea quite well.

Handy was launched two years, and since then, the company has hit more than $1 million bookings every week. Mr. Umang Dua, the operational manager for the company, says that the institution has gone from $3million to $52 million in run rate.

The owners of the company are Mr. Hanrahan and Umang Dua. According to the two, the services provided by the company are good for the consumers and the people working in the institution. Handy has a new mobile device app, commonly known as an ATM in a consumers pocket by the company’s employees. The app has made things very easy, and consumers can order the service using the app.

Handy ensures that its clients and professional employees are treated well. All the clients booking the service are given the best service, and this makes them order even more services from the company. On the other hand, the employees are treated well, and the pay is quite good. The average wage for an employee in the institution is $18 every hour. The job offered by Handy is very convenient, and the professionals can choose their working hours.

Apart from Handy, the other company providing home cleaning services online is Home joy. The two companies have managed to get a lot of profits after redefining the businesses by rebranding and also bringing new apps for mobile phones.

As time goes by, many people have adapted the idea of booking home cleaning services using their mobile phones. The booking is quite safe, and the consumer is assured that they will not have to worry about security. Some mandatory checks are always done on the cleaners to ensure the consumers safety. These employees are vetted thoroughly in all levels to ensure professionalism.

The company is also looking for ways to improve their facilities to serve the consumers even better. Apart from doing the home cleaning, they are planning to offer the consumers more services like home repairs. Handy is now in 25 cities in the United States. Others countries like Canada and London are also enjoying the service.

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    Although the company is very well, they still want to do more for the homeowners. They want to offer more than cleaning services. It is very nice for the best custom essays to get all they want at all cost which is something I like so much.

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