Cliff Camping

A new trend is picking up steam in the world of camping and outdoor living in the form of cliff camping. This new sport requires some specialized equipment, climbing experience, and, of course, the willingness to sleep while hanging 300 feet off the ground.

The practice involves a special cot to create a surface known as a portaledge (portable ledge). This equipment is harnessed into the side of the mountain using specialized hooks under careful supervision from a guide. While it is possible to go cliff camping alone, parks that allow the practice will most likely require a guide to do so. This guide will harness his own portaledge to the camper’s ledge so as to keep close watch over them.

While hanging from the cliff, the campers can get a precious view of the park, overlooking the forests and taking in views of the far off mountains. The cliffside is the perfect place to catch the best view of the sunset. However, the appreciation of this view does come with its challenges. For example, any meals must be pre-made to take up the cliffside. It must be food that does not require heating. There are also normally weight limitations, both on what is being packed and the campers themselves.

Despite these disadvantages, cliff camping is a new experience that any outdoors adventurer should try at least once.

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