David Giertz Educates Millennials on How Financially Plan for Retirement

Proper planning for senior age is one of the most important decisions you can ever make. According to David, the good news is that majority are now beginning to think of retirement as early as when they are just 22 years of age. However, the biggest challenge is that many do not know how to effectively plan for this early investment in order to save for their retirement. This has prompted David Giertz, a popular Ohio financial planner, to come up with 3 ways through which millennials can actually make a significant difference with the amount set aside for retirement purposes:

  1. Millenials should always evaluate their financial health

David points out that even though it’s paramount to save enough amounts for retirement, it is equally important to take care of debts as soon as they come. It’s financially healthy for you to not only start saving early but also wisely. In order to avoid future debts which may affect your retirement investment, it’s advisable that you pay your car, mortgage, and college debts as soon as possible.

  1. Focus on compound interest

David encourages millenials to make compound interest their best friend. He recommends a Roth IRA citing its key benefits including taxing money before deposit in order to guarantee tax free investment during withdrawal. The idea also allows individuals to gather significant return with time. This is mostly beneficial if you begin saving early.

  1. Create part-time money generating activities

According to David Giertz, having a hobby that can help you complement your daily financial needs makes it easy while saving for retirement. This should not replace your main job. It should, however, be there support you in meeting other needs in order to concentrate on retirement.

David Giertz

David has more than 30 years of experience in the progressive financial sector and is one of the world’s decorated financial experts. He pursued a BS from Millikin University before receiving his executive MBA from the University of Miami.

Giertz has worked with a number of organizations serving in different top management potions. He has served as the president of both Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. and Nationwide FI Distributors Agency Inc. David has also served as the regional vice president of Southeastern USA among several other community organizations.

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