Democrat’s Seek A New Direction With George Soros

The Democratic party in the U.S. is seeking a new direction following the damaging loss of the Presidential election by Hillary Clinton to Republican Donald Trump. One of the top figures the Democrat’s are now looking for guidance from is billionaire hedge fund expert
George Soros, who has broken with his usual reserved stance in agreeing to appear at a gathering of the important Democracy Alliance group of donors. Many of the top figures in the party will meet in Washington D.C. with some of the most influential donors and union officials for a three day meeting that was planned long in advance of the election on Investopedia.

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In recent months, the planned meeting of the Democracy Alliance had looked like it would be a celebration of the election of former Secretary of State Clinton to the Presidency on, but the surprise Trump victory has shifted the focus of the meeting to how the party can return to a prominent role in U.S. politics. The morning after the 2016 election a major change to the schedule of the Democracy Alliance meeting was announced with George Soros announced as a speaker on the third and final morning of the event.

George Soros is himself a member of the Democracy Alliance group and is seen as one of the most important members of the Democratic Party for the role he has taken as a leading donor to liberal candidates and causes. The return of Soros as a donor during the 2016 election cycle was seen by many as the perfect response to the rise of Donald Trump, and as coming at a time when major donors were looking for inspiration from a figure such as Soros; in the biography released to coincide with his appearance at the Democracy Alliance event George Soros discusses the fight with oppression he was subjected to as a child living in Nazi occupied Hungary during World War II. George Soros will once again be looked at to lead the Democratic party into the future, as he has done for a number of years in his fight to bring democracy to all the people of the world.


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