Doctors Discuss Benefits of Fitness Training Outdoors

In recent news, sports medicine physicians have been discussing the benefits of outdoor fitness training as opposed to training in a gym. In an interview with the Huffington Post, an expert in sports medicine stated that it was extremely important that individuals spend about half their workout times practicing outdoor activity. The physician gave several reasons why it was important that people engaged in outdoor activity. Most of the benefits of outdoor activity that were mentioned by the sports medicine physician are physical benefits, but the practice of engaging in outdoor activity has also been proven to have lasting mental and cognitive benefits.

One of the key benefits of engaging in outdoor activity, according the physician quoted in the Huffington Post article, is the improved circulation that an outdoor workout provides. Studies have been done on the indoor air quality in workout facilities and the findings on nearly all the research have been astonishing. Air quality in most facilities are significantly lower than outdoor air quality (which is usually low in city boundaries because of pollution). This occurrence makes it extremely difficult for the body to perform the necessary metabolic processes it needs to undergo during rigorous physical activity. In order to ensure that the body is consuming the necessary amount of air required to perform optimally, trainers should ensure that they are spending at least half of their workout time outdoors.

Sports medicine physicians also conclude that individual should engage in outdoor activity in order to obtain necessary vitamins and minerals that they might otherwise be lacking. Many people are unaware of the Vitamin D deficiency that a large percentage of Americans are currently experiencing. Never before in history has the human population experienced such a mass deprivation of this essential vitamin. This occurrence has happened largely because societies have shifted almost every daily activity into an indoor facility where they are not exposed to sunlight for adequate amounts of time. By engaging in outdoor activity for at least half a workout, individuals can begin to treat their Vitamin D deficiency and expose themselves to many other essential nutrients that are only found in nature. Walking through grass barefoot, for example, has been proven to have many beneficial cognitive and physical effects because of the minerals absorbed through the feet. Americans should certainly consider engaging in outdoor activity.

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