Dodd-Frank Changes The Way SEC Whistleblowers Are Protected

The 2008 economic slowdown caused much concern and many changes to the rules and laws of the U.S. based financial industry, including the introduction of a much more extensive SEC whistleblower program. Jordan A. Thomas is one of the names attached to the writing of the Dodd-Frank Act and has now moved to lead an SEC whistleblower program at Labaton Sucharow, which includes the chance to find the best possible options to protect the individual or group who are seeking to bring their evidence of financial issues to the attention of the SEC.

One of the aspects of the Dodd-Frank Act that has been much discussed and appreciated is the development of the SEC whistleblower program that is intended to make sure those with concerns about the financial industry have the confidence to report them to the proper authorities within the SEC. The whistleblower program has been developed to make sure those expressing their concerns are confident their career and personal financial future will be protected following any investigation based on the information provided.

The SEC whistleblower program at Labaton Sucharow has been developed to make sure any person looking to become involved in the SEC whistleblower program understands the protections and assistance they are given under the Dodd-Frank Act; the development of the program is also designed to make sure the financial assistance the SEC whistleblower program provides is available to the individual with concerns about the actions of some in the financial industry. Jordan A. Thomas understands how important it is for individuals to have their employment protected when they enter the SEC whistleblower program and put their own future at risk.

Alongside the need to protect the employment of each individual whistleblower contacting the SEC the Dodd-Frank Act also seeks to make sure each person entering the program is rewarded for bringing their concerns to the attention of the public. The Labaton Sucharow group also ensures the dedicated team they have assembled to assist SEC whistleblowers has the chance to investigate any claims made before bringing them to the attention of the SEC, but also fights to ensure a whistleblower is provided with their 10 to 30 percent portion of any fines levied by the SEC reaching over $1 million.

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