Doe Deere | The Reining Queen of Makeup and Fashion

Doe Deere is an ever inspiring young lady that has taken the world of makeup and fashion by storm. She is one of the youngest CEO’s in the makeup and fashion industry. Doe Deere founded Lime Crime because of her love of fashion.

It’s a great and inspiring story. One day, Doe was sewing another of her fabulous fashion lines. She was in a conundrum over the makeup she would have to wear to match that outfit. Now, if you know Doe Deere or her Lime Crime makeup company, you know already that she’s not one for a basic red or pink lipstick and a little neutral eye shadow, no way. She’s a bold and beautiful lady and she wants you to be the same.

The solution to her problem was to create an entire makeup line around the colors she loves the most. Pinks and purples and all sorts of fun and of course love went into that makeup name. With names like Unicorn, the makeup line conjures all sorts of magical imagery.

Her Fashion Sense

Her fashion sense is one that you’ve never heard of. Why do people love her? Because you not only feel comfortable being you with her, you’re encouraged to go out on the fringe and really be daring.
Did you know that Doe Deere is responsible for breaking each and every fashion rule there has ever been published? You may remember those silly little rules about what type of makeup you should never wear and what fashions you should never mix? Well, thanks to this little mover and shaker you can break them all and be proud of it.

Fashion Rules to Break According to Doe

Never wear bold lips and eyes Well, if you’ve ever seen Doe Deere she is always wearing a bright color on her eyes and an even bolder color on her lips.

Never Mix Patterns She is a proud advocate of mixing patterns as long as the colors go together why not?

As you can tell, there’s no stopping the girl! Be sure to follow Lime Crime on Facebook, and what’s more, their Instagram feed @limecrimemakeup.

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