Don Ressler Uses Fashion As a Medium For Self Esteem Improvement

Don Ressler believes that all people have the right to feel good about themselves. However, in most cases, people are not going to feel good unless they like the way they look. This doesn’t necessarily mean for women to dress in formal wear. One thing that can be said for people is that they have different tastes. Therefore, women are also going to have different styles on Don Ressler and the other founders of JustFab understand this. For this reason, they use the analytical tools in order to find out what people like. Then they take the time to provide these types of products for people.

JustFab is run under TechStyle. TechStyle has been established with the purpose of bringing a great influence to the fashion industry. Given Adam Goldenberg’s attention to what is selling and the ideas of Don Ressler, it was certain that TechStyle was going to be a major success. One thing that contributed to the success of the company was the experience of both founders in the fashion and beauty industry. Other companies that Don Ressler has founded were Intermix and Intelligent Beauty. These companies offered different forms of fashion for women.

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While the other fashion companies that Don Ressler was a part of sold clothing and make up, it was when he has started JustFab and the divisions that he has decided that he wanted to take a different approach to fashion. He has come to understand that beauty comes in diversity. He has also come to understand that not everyone is going to look good in the same type of style. He has decided that his company is supposed to be all inclusive. This means that the company is going to sell all styles for all body types and sizes.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have decided to establish the TechStyle headquarters at ElSegundo CA because of the opportunity that is available for growth. One thing that is very important when it comes to business is that there is a lot of room and opportunity for growth. Don Ressler understands the importance of progress, which is why he makes sure that he is constantly looking for ways to move forward.


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