Eating Outside Is More Popular Than Ever Despite Drawbacks

Eating outside, or alfresco dining as many like to call it, is as popular as it ever was. Of course, for thousands of years, humans have been eating outdoors, and often, it was for necessity. But today, we humans also enjoy a snack or a meal on the patio, porch, deck or veranda. If the weather is nice, it’s always a good idea, except for a few things.

The Drawbacks of Eating Outdoors

Chief among the drawbacks of eating outdoors is bugs. No matter if it’s the middle of the summer, the end of spring or the beginning of fall, bugs are always a potential problem for outdoor diners. Of course, there are a number of places that have outdoor dining with coverings and nets, but that kind of defeats much of the purpose of eating outside, right? All those bites and nips add up and can make the potentially lovely experience of eating a delicious meal outdoors into a terrible unfortunate one.

The Weather

Who knows what the weather will bring? Surely, outdoor diners are at a loss to know this about the future. And this can also cause serious problems for outdoor diners. What should you do when it starts to sprinkle? What if it’s just a little windy? The decision’s yours.

Bad Odors

And a final drawback that people cited in a survey about eating outdoors was the smell. When eating yummy foods, who wants to smell bad odors from nearby dumpsters or smelly lakes? All of these things are drawbacks to eating outdoors. Of course, people still love it.

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