Efforts by Helane Morrison to Assure Future Investment Security

August 2007 left us in utter desperation. It is then that we started questioning our financial institutions and the safety of our investments. The 2007-2008 financial crises shed light on unethical behavior that loomed within the financial sector.

Further investigations revealed: falsified records, underhand dealings, fraud, false audit claims to destroyed documents. This only made clear the extent of corruption and the lengthy period it remained unchecked. We held demonstrations; Americans had lost faith in Wall Street, corporations and banks. Unbelievable measures ensued; stocks were quickly liquidated to gold as it was safer to secure our money under our beds than it was to keep it in the banks. 

The Road So Far

Nine years down the line, our attitude towards Wall Street is still on the rocks. A research conducted recently by the Wall Street Journal indicates that only 28 in 100 Americans have faith in the country’s current economy. With the impending 2016 presidential race, economists and investors can only predict that this unease will only grow worse. Political analysts in turn argue that there is little relation between the presidential race and the stock market performance.

Expert Opinion

The founder of the Hirsch Organization and the Stock Traders Almanac, Yale Hirsch, maintains his theory of a direct correlation between the economy and presidential elections. He explains that recessions, bear markets and wars tend to occurs in the term’s first half and bull markets follow suit. This theory can be evidenced by the fact that stock markets tend to slow down prior to elections.

It is now much more risky as an average investor to fall prey to the ‘wolves of Wall Street’. This is because most of us lack accurate information to help us make the right investments. Hence, we need to have a watchdog that will ensure our investments are secure as we carry out trade.

Helane Morrison’s Accomplishments

Ms. Morrison is the current Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel and Managing Director at Hall Capital Partners LLC. It was with her, where our hopes lied when she was asked to head the US Securities Exchange Commission. She was and still is the face of a reformed trading system, having made enormous accomplishments and ensuring equality among every one. 

At the SEC, she spear headed fraud cases involving top executives from companies such as, Hewllet Packard, Google, NextCard Inc as well as HBO. Her sheer ferocity has enabled her to expose American Amicable’s false security sales to more than 50,000 military personnel as well as corrupt audits at Ernst and Young. She also put in measures that protect senior citizens against fraud as well as the abolishment of insider trading.

Learn more about Helane on LinkedIn or visit her Crunchbase page here >> https://www.crunchbase.com/person/helane-morrison#/entity

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