Electric Bicycles Provide A Healthy Alternative To Traditional Automobile Commuting

Earlier today, I happened to read an online article about electric bicycles that really got me thinking about them for the first time. In this article, it mentions how important it is for people to exercise, and how the use of electric bicycles may actually help some people to exercise more.

The article goes on to mention a recent experiment conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The researchers gave electric bikes to a group of 20 men and women who were basically out-of-shape. It was suggested to these people that they use the electric bikes for commuting to and from their jobs.

The electric bikes that were provided to these people were the type that required pedaling to start the motor. The researchers wanted to see if using the bikes would help to motivate the riders into exercising more often.

After undergoing physical testing, each of the 20 volunteers was provided with a GPS device, a heart rate monitor and an electric bicycle. They were asked to ride the bikes to and from their jobs several times a week, for a month.

When the month ended, and their health data was recorded, it turns out that each volunteer provided healthier test results than at the beginning of the experiment.

The researchers concluded that electric bicycles can help to motivate some people into exercising, and that they could potentially be a good alternative to automobile commuting. They also concluded that the bikes’ high prices could limit ridership.

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