Enjoy Wine Outdoors

Many people enjoy wine. However, many people mistakenly believe wine is something to be consumed only indoors. Too manky folks have been tainted by the sight of beautiful people sipping wine at a dinning room table. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. Wine is a terrific beverage to enjoy outdoors. However, you need to remember these two things to make sure it is done right.


First, remember you will need to transport wine glasses. This means some of your fancier wine glasses should stay at home. Instead, decide to use some attractive wine glasses sturdy enough to run through a dishwasher. However, don’t stoop so low as to use plastic wine glasses. These flimsy glasses sometimes break at the top of the stem. Nothing can ruin a glass of wine quicker than a busted wine glass.


Second, wines consumed far away from traditional kitchens should be easily replaceable. This does not mean the wine should be cheap or inferior. However, it does mean a catastrophe with the wine bottle will not leave you heartbroken. Wine bottles that are sentimental or extremely old should be treated with care closer to the modern kitchen. Outdoor wine should be able to withstand the occasional hiccups of an outdoor meal.


Of course, you will also need to remember a cooler and a corkscrew! You’ll want to be able to open your wine and enjoy it at the proper temperature. Have you ever taken a bottle of wine outdoors? Let us know how it went below!


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