EOS Made It To The Top With Lip Balm

Evolution Of Smooth or EOS is a lip balm company that was able to take out Chapstick in a relatively short period of time. Chapstick is the company that basically had the lip balm industry in their hands because they did not have any competitors. Many people equated lip balm with the name Chapstick. They were used to seeing their lip balm in long cylinder containers, and they were used to their lip balm feeling and smelling a certain way.

The creators of EOS lip balm wanted to do something different when it came to lip balm. They wanted to create a lip balm that was going to be appealing to women. In order to do that, they decided to take a poll of women and they asked them what things that they would want in a lip balm. EOS found the answers to be truly informative, and they made changes to the lip balm that they wanted to put out. EOS created a product that came in small round cylinders; these are lip balms that are natural and they come in many different unique flavors.

EOS did an amazing job when it came to advertising. They got in contact with different bloggers, and they had them try out their lip balms. After these bloggers tried out EOS’s lip balm, they found that it was great and they would promote the lip balm on their blog. EOS was also able to get in contact with some women in the entertainment industry as well; these women also promoted the lip balms for EOS. Today the products are being sold on the shelves of Kohls, Walmart and Ulta beauty stores nationwide.

Now EOS is a multi-million-dollar company, and they are constantly coming up with different ideas when it comes to lip balms, creams, and lotions. EOS is a company that was able to provide a product that their customers wanted, and that is what helped them to reach the top.

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