Equities First Holdings Continued Growth Led to Relocation of its Melbourne Office

Towards the end of 2016, Equities First Holdings LLC, relocated its Melbourne based office as a way of making it more convenient for clients and other business partners to access them with ease. Equities First Holdings is a global provider of financial solutions to businesses and individuals. This is the reason why the company sought to relocate its Melbourne office in order to provide adequate space to accommodate existing clients and employees with additional space for future expansion.

Growth of Australian Market

According to the Managing Director of Equities First Holdings (AU) Pty Ltd., Mitchell Hopwood, the Australian market has continued to grow, and they expect the number of clients to increase too. The new Melbourne office is located on Level 2, 287 Collins St., Melbourne, Victoria 3000. The lender has three office locations across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The firm provides stock-based loans to their clients. The financial solutions are supposed to provide entities with additional capital for expansion purposes and for strategic investment. In fact, stock-based loans do not restrict the borrower how to spend the capital acquired.

Equities First Holdings targets both institutional and high-net worth individuals as its top clients. The clients may be seeking to acquire capital for a specific or non-specific purpose. The firm is dynamic and provides tailored services to meet each client’s needs independently. The loan process at Equities First Holdings is simple, secure and transparent.

Investors in the stock and securities markets can largely benefit from services provided by Equities First Holdings. Further, there is freedom and flexibility on how clients can use the funds borrowed. Investors who prefer to increase their investment portfolio in the stock market can indeed borrow from Equities First Holdings and mange to make the desired investment. The firm has other offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and London.

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