Even Gulls Scream for Ice Cream!

Tara Dalyntara traveled from her native Thailand to vacation in England. She was walking along the beach at Brighton, enjoying the blue expanse of sky, the gentle waves and the gracefulness of the sea birds. She was also enjoying an ice cream cone heaped with delicious swirls of vanilla.


Tara decided to memorialize the pleasant scene in a photo, so she held the ice cream cone up against the background of the sea. That’s when one of the graceful sea birds struck. Amazingly, a seagull swooped down and took a big bite right off the top of Tara’s cone. Not satisfied with a lick, the grabby gull shoved the whole top of the cone into its beak.


Even more amazingly, Tara got an excellent picture of the theft. No problem, Tara, that evidence will definitely stand up in court!


Seagulls can be smart as well as bold, and they practice some surprising behaviors. They’ve been observed stamping their feet on the ground to imitate rain and make earthworms come to the surface. They also drop mollusks on rocks to crack the shells open and follow behind plows so they can eat the upturned grubs. Seagulls have a large vocabulary of sounds and body movements that they use to communicate with other gulls onekind.org.


Tara didn’t get to finish her ice cream cone, as the daring darter made off with the whole shebang. But she’s hoping he found the cone useful in making a nest for little gulls.




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