Expanding Your Living Space With Outdoor Living

Home owners who live in areas which support outdoor living are finding that they do not need to move to a new home to expand their living space to keep with their expanding family. Many families are realizing that they can make modifications to their yards to enjoy additional living space. These families find that such an expansion not only saves them the cost of purchasing a new home and the disruption of moving to a new location for the entire family but these improvements can also increase the value of the home.

Some of the types of outdoor living space improvements that home owners are investing in are as follows:

1: Swimming Pool: One of the most popular manners of outdoor living improvements is the installation of a swimming pool. The pool can be various sizes and shapes and the size of the house does not matter. Some homes which have small rear yard space can include wadding pools or hot tubs.

2: Backyard Patios: The traditional use of one’s yard space for outdoor living is a back yard patio design which can facilitate barbecues, wet bars or grill facilities. Based on the size of the home, the backyard patio space could include all of the facilities listed above.

3: Gardens: A versatile use of outdoor living space is a planted garden. The garden can be a functioning garden that produces food or it can be decorative for admiration. Many are familiar with the beauty of Japanese style zen gardens. These gardens are specifically designed to promote meditation and can be as beautiful as is the imagination of the home owners.

4: Play Equipment: Families with children find that a yard space designed with recreational equipment for children is a major asset. Many families live in areas which are not supported by public parks and recreational sets such as trampolines, swing sets and slides provide the homeowner to provide an area for their children to play safely. As the children become older,
the recreational play sets can be updated or the space reconfigured for more adult related uses.

5. Lounge Space: A newer trend in outdoor living space is the use of one’s outdoor living space as an extension of their living room. These spaces include gazebo’s and sofa’s areas as well as televisions and other forms of outdoor entertainment.



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