Fabletics a Brave New Retailer in a Changing Marketplace

Fabletics has built a name and a brand based on a smart new concept for merchandising and bringing into the retail organization a popular and attractive actress representing and modeling the brand. Kate Hudson is the actress and model for this successful clothing line that is expanding into a changing women’s clothing market. More and more young women are turning away from conventions sportswear and wearing casual spa and workout inspired clothing, athleisure wear, as they go about their daily non-business lives. Fabletics seized on this idea and began designing and expanding on workout attire that women can wear to the gym, taking the kids to school or the grocery store.

Fabletics has implemented a membership program to connect with their customer base, and the results are having a huge impact on sales for this young and dynamic company. In a recent article in Forbes, Paul Armstrong went so far as to suggest that they were challenging Amazon in the new electronic marketplace for women’s wear. While Amazon remains the leader in all things ordered in the electronic world, Fabletics is having a very positive impact on women’s fashion. The company has even structured itself to have numerous brick and mortar outlets in populated areas in the United States of America. This regressive policy of having physically based locations goes against the grain of the new thinking that electronic merchandising on the Internet will doom this type of traditional retailing. But Fabletics wants to coordinate the buying experiences both online and in person, and having these physical outlets encourages membership and the hands-on appeal for impulse shoppers. Fabletics wisely offers these physical locations as adjuncts to their membership program, and the results have proven very encouraging for Fabletics executives.

As an example of how this new idea of the reverse showroom technique and how having a physical store will help membership, consider a customer who wants to know how an individual piece of clothing will fit and tries it on in the store. This customer has the reassurance that she is a particular size and now can select from an array of different colors or cuts online or even purchase the item in the store. Curiosity will bring customers to see what is going on and become enchanted with the idea of Fabletics and may soon become members. Fabletics has wisely made in-store purchases at the same price point as online ordering. This physical store concept combined with the array of online choices on the website is a win-win situation for consumers and Fabletics, too. Read the entire Forbes article by Paul Armstrong here: How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking On Amazon

While Fabletics may not challenge the dominant position of Amazon in the Internet marketing arena, it has made a place for itself and has established a new dimension for the changing women’s wear marketplace. Fabletics has used new fashion and style concepts combined with an attractive and well-known spokesperson and a creative advertising campaign to capture their market share and will use satisfied customers as building blocks for their brand in America.

For more information about Fabletics see their website:Fabletics Official Website

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