Fitness Trainers Suggest Untraditional Outdoor Fitness Activities

Fitness trainers have recently been changing the way they advise clients to engage in fitness activities. In a recent Huffington Post article, several fitness trainers listed ways for people who wished to increase their physical activity, but lacked traditional gym memberships or access to weight training machines to complete exercise programs in untraditional ways. Many of these activities require the individual to simply leave their home and utilize the tools around them to complete the exercise regimen. Fitness trainers recommend finding unique and interesting ways to complete physical activity so that workouts don’t become dull and boring.

One of the unique ways to participate in outdoor physical activity is the stair workout. Anyone who lives in an apartment or townhouse community usually has easy access to a set (or multiple sets) of stairs. Stairs are a great way to engage in cardiovascular activity and to build lower body muscles. Stairs also provide enough resistance to create a grueling and intense workout that helps individuals to burn a generous amount of calories. Stair workouts have proved to be extremely beneficial to those who wish to lose weight and begin a healthy lifestyle in a relatively small amount of time. Because of the incline on a set of stairs, the practice of running up and down the staircase makes for a well rounded exercise routine.

Fitness trainers also recommend that individuals engage in outdoor obstacle course styled workouts. These workouts can be performed by simply using everyday objects to create obstacle courses at a park or a backyard. By using water buckets or old, abandoned car tires, individuals can create extensive workout routines and obstacle courses. Workouts with these obstacle courses can include anything from jumping on and off of the water buckets, flipping used car tires during a run through the obstacle course, or even participating in individual leg leaps through the car tires. However the individual chooses to arrange the obstacle course, it will be extremely beneficial to engage in obstacle course-styled training at least three times a week. Most fitness trainers agree that individuals who engage in this type of activity on a consistent basis experience tremendous results and go on to lead very healthy lifestyles. This list of suggested outdoor activities is by no means exhaustive and workouts should be created specifically for the person engaging in them.

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