FreedomPop Gets Even More Funding For Expansion

RCR Wireless is saying that FreedomPop is prepping for expansion, and they have raised a lot of money to that end. They have venture capitalists putting a lot of money into their company, and they plan to expand everything they do with the money they get. Expansions looks like the only thing that FreedomPop wants to do, but it is the best thing that the company can do when they have such a great service for their customers.

The service that FreedomPop offers is not like any other wireless company. They have made a major effort to give people discounted and free services for their cell phones. This is a lot like a public service that is paying for people to get connected, and it is helping people who could never afford a phone otherwise.

The company wants to get out of North America, and they are going to take their free and cheap plans around the world where they are needed. European and African customers will get access to the exact same services people are getting in North America, and the services will be so cheap that anyone can afford them.

FreedomPop offers customers a free plan, the 1 GB plan and the 2GB plan. Each plan gives someone a phone that they can use with smartphone capabilities, and it gives them a little leeway when they need to use data.

The plan looks to be that the company will raise as much money as they can to get their networks going in Africa and Europe, and people in small villages will see the benefit almost immediately. People who have not been able to use digital technology will finally have access.

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  • Harley Titus
    May 23, 2017 - 2:17 pm | Permalink

    He worked for a couple IT organizations and afterward moved back to Malaysia to end up some portion of the Cosway Group. FreedomPop is the main organization on the planet that is doing this correct now, and they are taking their amusement over the world while despite everything they can. It is a standard thing that essay-on-time could do more than just and it will prove to do a lot of things.

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