George Soros and OSF making the world better

George Soros is a man of action, whether it’s politically driven or social awareness driven. George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations, which opened in 1993. The Open Society Foundations support groups around the globe who aim to advance justice, education, public health and media. The Open Society Foundations has operations in over 37 countries and several regional foundations including the Open Society Initiative for West Africa and is headquartered in New York, New York. The Open Society Foundations has claimed expenditures over $11 billion dollars.George Soros got the OSF name from Karl Popper’s 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies. The Open Society Foundations have poured $2.9 billion defending human rights including the rights of women, European minorities, drug users, sex workers and those in the LGBTQ communities. The Open Society Foundations has also spent nearly $2.1 billion on education, almost $1.6 developing democracy in Eastern Europe and $1.5 million to promote criminal justice reform, drug policy reform, equal rights, immigration and democratic governance.

George Soros has said that open society is based on the recognition that the world is not perfect but what is imperfect can be fixed. The Open Society Foundations have been a strong financial backer of American immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.The Open Society Foundations provided millions of dollars in human aid and relief during wars in Yugoslavia, including Sarajevo, where workers faced sniper fire and artillery shells, where they were working to connect residents to gas lines, electricity and drinking water. The Open Society Foundations recently appointed Chris Stone as president. The Open Society Foundations works to fix some of the flaws faced by open societies such as improving end-of-life care, reforming drug policies, criminal justice reform, and reforming immigration laws. The Open Society Foundations has played a key role in every part of the world since 2010.George Soros launched Open Society Foundations after making money through the financial markets.

George Soros attended the school of economics in London and later emigrated to the United States where he entered the economic field. George Soros’ first major project with Open Society Foundations was in South Africa, but it failed after his attempts were not helping change anything, he then turned his focus to Central Europe, where he supported several solidarity movements.George Soros was born and raised in Hungary. He managed to survive the Nazi occupation of Hungary securing false identity papers and hiding the truth about who they really are. Following the war and as Hungary was being swallowed up by Communist takeover, he emigrated to London. George Soros and the Open Society Foundations continue to do good for the United States and the rest of the world.

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