George Soros Fully Backing Hillary Clinton for President

George Soros is a true billionaire turned philanthropist. He is a product of a critical time period in history. When the world faced frightening forces vying for word domination. He saw it firsthand in his native country, Hungary, when Hungary was occupied by the German war machine and later when it was “liberated” by the Russian forces. He would be able to move to London to study; there he would experience the recently war-torn United Kingdom Constitutional Monarchy dealing with air raids and bombing from V-2 rockets launched at London from Germany. The time he witnessed was the Second World War. A savage and deadly time when millions died in battles and bombings in England, Europe, Russia, and Japan. George Soros saw the political impact and its implications, felt the suffering of the casualties of war, and directly witnessed the evolving political power struggles taking place. He learned first-hand and directly the effects of Fascism, Communism, and a Constitutional Monarchy when he was a student in London. Finally arriving in New York in the United States of America, he learned of a Federal Democracy on Twitter, which he adopted as his own. It is here where he claims a residency and has a strong interest in protecting his adopted democracy from negative political influences.

Soros amassed a fortune in trading the currency markets as a trader on Wall Street. After he had accumulated his wealth and had secured a future for his family, Soros began his work on his foundation in 1993, the Open Society Foundations, which is donating close to $1 billion every year to the cause of transparency in government.

Soros is a figure hated by the Republican Right. They propagandize against him and his world efforts. They feel that anyone so rich should support the Republican cause, but Soros was opposed to George Bush’s incursion into Iraq and in hindsight his fears of a destabilized Middle East have come true.

Soros has written countless books, articles on economic policy, and political pieces. He lectures around the world on matters economic and political. He seems indefatigable at his age, and sadly he will not be with us much longer. A man with his world experiences and wisdom should be applauded and recognized and not insulted by the Republican Right.

Soros has fully supported the election of Hillary Clinton and has committed millions to her campaign on She wisely will listen to his counsel on matters of world economy and governance, and just maybe the world will become a better, freer, safer place.

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