George Soros Gathers Support Against Donald Trump

Defending The Legacy
After the shocking victory of Donald Trump George Soros is gathering liberal donors to back efforts against the president elect. After backing to unsuccessful campaign of Hillary Clinton he believes it is time for Democrats and progressives to defend the current successes of the left from erosion under the Trump administration. Soros has named this organized effort the Democratic Alliance. Working together to prevent any rollbacks the gathering of liberal donors aims to eventually lead to taking back some control over the federal government.

Getting The Team Back Together
To regain power for Democrats, Soros is meeting with Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison, and Union leaders to formulate ways to recover from the devastating losses Democrats suffered on November 8th. In addition to losing the White House Democrats also lost ground in Congress and on the state level. Additional loses might come if president elect the Supreme Court loses any more members during the next 4 years. During their first meeting happened Sunday November 13th the discussion focused largely on how to stop Trump’s plan for the first 100 days of his presidency. With the losses incurred much of the planning won’t produce results until at least 2018 when congressional seats are up for grabs.

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Life After Hillary
George Soros was a major financial supporter of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run emerging as one of the earliest major supporters of her campaign. Although she managed to win the popular vote her failure to win the electoral college comes as a major disappoint for George Soros. A major focus of the Democratic Alliance in later days will focus on forming a successful 2020 bid for the White House. The lower voter turnout and lack of enthusiasm Democrats expressed will certainly factor into these discussions.

Rethinking The American Electorate
The victory of Donald Trump is sending the current Democrat theory of voting demographics reeling. The two terms Obama received led many on the left to suggest they would not need the support of white males. Instead Democrats could rely on the support of minorities and women to reach the White House. The success of the Trump campaign defied this thinking with its focus on working class white males. If George Soros is going to help the Democrats reestablish themselves he is going to have to convince Democrats to rethink the way they brand themselves.

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