George Soros Has Much to Be Proud: Particularly In Way of Ignoring the Ridiculous Behavior of His Current Media Enemy–Glenn Beck

Former Alcoholic Glenn Beck: Your Recovery Simply Amazes Us All:

Some reporters, close to the hideous feelings associated with anti-Jewish behaviors become quite annoyed when listening to the inconclusive diatribes, of persons engaged in the profession of commentary entertainment, such as Glenn Beck. Mr. Beck, for some, have become the new Rush Limbaugh. Where Mr. Limbaugh became addicted to drugs, Mr. Beck is formerly an alcoholic, according to Mr. Beck. Where is my small violin? Also, Mr. Beck might wish to note: there are many people who have recovered from the evils of alcohol abuse who are not making it a point of conversation at dinner.

Okay Mr. Beck. You vacillate, annoyingly, from that of former alcoholic to bookish political intellectual: Which is it? And this thing about George Soros. That is just as sensational, in nature, as is your other interesting political demonstrations.

First off, Mr. Beck views George as a threat with regard to world-governmental domination and support of liberal causes. George does support liberal causes. Mr. Soros, supported Barack Obama’s political campaign. Mr. Beck, this journalist as well as many other individuals voted for Barack Obama–and he won–twice. Therefore, Soros’s support of Barrack Obama’s political run for the Presidency is not the least bit scary or a matter of concern. Besides: now Trump will be taking office, so enough said about that issue.

The truth of the matter is: Mr. Soros is far from being the threat to society that Mr. Beck depicts. First off, Mr. George Soros was put to the test, in his lifetime, of avoiding the Nazis in Hungary. The Nazis, during the time, had already lost a great deal of power; however, they were still in power: and that is what intelligent persons, like George and his family recognized. George used his own mind, by warning the Jewish people, a populace that George is a part, to not report to certain collection centers. The Nazis were in the process of taking these people to their fatal ends. George Soros Nazi knew that his people were being tricked. He suggested that the only way to survive was not to report to these centers. However, some of the persons which he conveyed this information thought it wrong not to abide by the instructions of the persons in charge, which were the Nazis. Those model citizens, became, unfortunately statistics. So: Was George’s deception of such evil people wrong? Glenn Beck likes to depict George as a deceiver. The Nazis, at the time, were the deceivers; and must have been masterful at it, since these other poor unfortunate souls played right into their hands. Could it be then: that in the same light, some other unfortunate souls, such as Mr. Beck’s listening audience, are playing into the hands of Mr. Beck? After all, he is very much to the extreme right. Hitler had a reputation of promising one thing and then not keeping his word. He depicted the Jewish people as some type of threat. In many places where the Jewish people were considered such societal threats, they barely made a dent, from the stand-point of population: most of the Jewish populations, deemed threats, by the Nazis were as high as nine percent or even less, of the total areas’ populations.

Mr. Beck: Why So Domineering?

The right-winged dictator was able to fool many intelligent men and world leaders; that is why there is always concern when someone starts spouting off–like Beck–about anyone, without offering any more reasoning than his innate ability to hone into the forces of evil and good–and naturally, as far as Mr. Beck is concerned, there is no room for argument–what he says goes.

Many Reporters Are Concerned Because They View Beck’s Remarks of Soros as Anti-Jewish:

One reporter, who is Jewish, believes that Beck’s outlandish remarks of George smack of hatred toward Jews. She truly believes what Mr. Beck says is connected to hatred of the Jewish people, whenever he whips out his laundry list of why his listening audience must not trust Mr. Soros–a list that is, frankly, grandly ridiculous to those individuals who have time to fact-check all of his grievances.

Mr. Beck Likes to Portray George as Someone Who Has So Much Political Pull that He is a World Threat:

It is wondered if Mr. Beck, when driving to work, comes up with all of this new slanderous information with regard to George. It is obvious that the entertainment commentator never makes any mention of all of the heroism tied to the prosperous Soros. Mr. Beck likes to depict George as an opportunity-seeker, wishing to acquire dominate governmental control. Before listening to Mr. Beck, it is doubtful any of his audience members even heard of Mr. Soros. His common audience are those persons working each day, making minimum wages to a little above minimum wage; and the elderly. This is not to say, he has some prosperous persons who do not tune in, however, on the whole, when a person hears a radio blaring with Beck commentary, it is generally someone who normally votes to the right, involved with his day-to-day work activities at somewhere like Smith’s Auto-Body Shop, a Print Shop, etc. The radio is just turned on because it is a habit and in order that the individual receives his traditional reinforcement of a political stand: one dictated by his favorite right-side of the road, radio host, (in this case, Glenn Beck.) Tell this person that Mr. Beck is supplying him with a bunch of Hooey, with regard to his show’s subject-matter, and you are depriving him of his political belief system.

Naturally, a person, such as George Soros, is not getting a fair shake. George is the type of person, though, that shrugs his shoulders and takes Mr. Beck’s slanderous remarks in stride. It is supposed Mr. Soros knows that everyone needs to make a living and some persons make their living–by running their mouths. George did not convey the preceding, it is just supposition on the part of the author. How else do you explain Mr. Soros’s courage while under fire? Regardless, it was once said: “An empty wagon rattles the loudest.” Mr. Beck is one loud wagon–or so it seems.

What Mr. Soros Is and Is Not:

Mr. Soros began his climb to prosperous success once he started attaining economic schooling in London. He discerned, wisely, that he had a great deal of potential in working with the stock market. He decided to take this talent to Wall Street, where it is he made his fortune. He still continues using his talents in way of making money by means of the stock and currency exchanges. As a result of his talents, over the years, he has amassed a sizable fortune.

George is Not Against the People and Does Not Wish to Control Them as Depicted by Mr. Beck:

Throughout his life, Mr. Soros has made it a point to assist persons in becoming free of governmental control. One notable individual stated that Mr. Soros, as well as persons such as former President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were responsible in shutting down Communism in certain parts of the world. The former statement is true. Plus, a person in the company of notables such as Thatcher and Reagan is, more likely than not, a very trust-worthy individual.

Mr. Soros Likes to March to His Own Drum:

Mr. Soros does not need to have his feelings and thoughts validated by other persons. This does not make him a threat. In fact, he has used such purpose of spirit and thought by becoming a friend to the people. He is very much for a government that is Pro-Democratic. Mr. Beck’s commentary and campaign of Mr. Soros is not something that Mr. Soros goes about, daily, concerning himself. He has been through a period where he and his family needed to conceal their identities in order not to be eliminated by the Nazis, and then he was faced with issues regarding a party that leaned far to the left. Mr. Beck’s comments seem tame, in comparison. Still: Mr. Beck’s flippant behaviors and words–as one reporter puts it–matter. He has a wide viewing audience: many which assume that whatever their favorite right-winged host says: goes. Regardless, George is a billionaire, noted as one of the world’s richest people, and seems to continue to “ride the wave of success,” by letting such slanderous meanderings, such as those supplied by Beck to go in one ear and conveniently out the other ear.

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