George Soros Invests in the Future of Migrants Around the World

George Soros, a philanthropic billionaire who recently invested 500 million dollars in migrants and refugees, started his life in the same way many of those migrants began theirs. Tens of millions of people are considered to be migrants, leaving their home to escape oppression and war, or trying to relocate their family to a country where living above the poverty level is possible. George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 and survived the Nazi invasion. When Hungary became dominated by communism Soros fled to England, like many other Hungarians. He studied at the London School of Economics and upon graduation moved to New York City.

In 1984, George Soros founded Open Society. Unique in that the private foundation made a commitment to an open society where all human beings have rights, governments are held accountable, and the truth cannot be monopolized. He founded the Central European University, paid legal fees for individuals being held unlawfully, and fought for accountability in the natural resource extraction industry.

It was no surprise that when the Obama administration asked U.S. companies to help with the financial burden caused by forced immigration, George Soros came forward with a plan. He set aside 500 million dollars to invest in start-ups, companies, and initiatives that support the needs of refugees and the localities that host them.

In an eloquent opinion piece Soros wrote for The Wall street Journal Soros explained the strategy behind his investment by saying “Our collective failure to develop and implement effective policies to handle the increased flow has contributed greatly to human misery and political instability—both in countries on Investopedia people are fleeing and in the countries that host them, willingly or not. Migrants are often forced into lives of idle despair, while host countries fail to reap the proven benefit that greater integration could bring.”

It’s inspiring to see a remarkable, self-made billionaire so committed to improving the quality of life of millions of human beings around the world. George Soros has donated more than 7 billion dollars to worthy causes and individuals through the Open Society. Mr. Soros staunch dedication to funding global initiatives that support education, justice, public health and welfare, business growth and independent media makes him a true role model for the next generation.

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