Growing a Rooftop Garden in Your Building

An increasing number of people are interested in growing rooftop gardens on their apartment buildings. Why is the interest so high? It turns out that more than ever, people want a lifestyle that focuses on the outdoors. But in cities, that’s not exactly easily possible.

If you live in an apartment building where an accessible roof is an option, consider creating a garden space of your own. In addition to assorted flowers, fruit trees and other plants that you may enjoy, consider a vegetable and herb garden as well. It makes sense that this would be one of the most beneficial aspects of rooftop gardening as you would actually be able to use the things you grow in your cooking.

Let nature be your guide

Use nature as your cooking partner by creating some raised beds for veggies such as peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes or even corn. In addition, an herb garden can be super useful for the kitchen. You can save tons of money on vegetables, but you’ll definitely save on herbs. Of course, you’ll need to bring all of the supplied and soil up there, but that’s not impossible.

Enlisting the help of your neighbors is often a good idea as they may be interested in getting at some of the produce you grow as well. A shared garden can be even better than a personal garden as it will always be cared for. Try a rooftop garden this summer and see where it takes you.

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