Handy has Everything that You Need

When I get involved with a company I like to make sure that the company has everything I need. When I shop, for example, I like to go straight to Wal-Mart. I get my clothes, toiletries, clothes and detergent all in one place. When I hire landscapers for the outside of the home I get people that can trim hedges, plant flowers and remove weeds. I like companies that offer a plethora of different services. That is why I have gravitated towards Handy. For on-demand interior services, Handy is the company that I trust. I would never consider anyone else for things inside of the house because this is a company that has proven that the contractors can do it all.

I found this out for myself when I moved into my new home during the spring. Some people move things around for spring cleaning. My family joked and said that I took spring cleaning a little too far by uprooting and moving my entire home. I didn’t have much of a choice. My job moved from Seattle to Atlanta, and I found myself trying to get situated in my new home in the south. The great thing was that I had already known about Handy, and I was booking this company for both my old home and my new home.

Before I left the old house I got Handy contractors to come out and paint the rooms. When I moved into the new house I got Handy to come in and do some picture hanging, furniture assembly and TV mounting. I thought that it was so cool to have a company like this that does so many things. I have gotten all squared away in my new home, and I have Handy to thank for that. I was able to successfully sell my old home, and I am sure that the superb paint job that Handy contractors did helped with the quick sell.

I am loving my new job here in Atlanta, but it does keep me quite busy. That is why I continue to book Handy for cleaning.

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