How Anthony Petrello Has Worked With Nabors’ Executives In Transforming The Company

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabor’s Industries.

Anthony Petrello is a successful executive known for his CEO position at Nabors Industries. His CEO position entitles him an annual salary of $1,580,077. Furthermore, he is entitled to a bonus of $6,125,000 and an annual compensation of $7,705,077. Petrello also serves on the company’s executive committee. At 61 years old, he also acts as a board member in other three committees of four different companies. As at 2015, his total annual compensation amounted to $27,663,602.

Professional Background

Petrello joined the leadership team of Nabors Industries in 1991 as the CEO. He was also appointed as president of the company in 1992. Prior to his work at Nabors, Baker & McKenzie law firm employed him as the senior partner of the company’s New York office for five years. He was appointed to serve on the executive board of Nabors as the chairperson in 2012. He also served as the company’s deputy board chairman for nine years before his promotion to the chairperson.

Anthony Petrello provides planning insights to the Texas Children’s Hospital as the institution’s director. He held the same position when hired him. Petrello attributes his successful law career to the J.D degree he obtained from Harvard Law School. Besides law, he attended the Yale University for an undergraduate and master’s degree in mathematics.

Nabors Industries

Nabors is a drilling rig company that specializes in services such as land drilling and offshore drilling. The company also uses specialty rigs and rig equipment to carry out these services. As the company’s CEO, Anthony Petrello works with other executives such as William Restrepo, the CFO, Mark Andrews, the corporate secretary, and Siggi Meissner, the president of global drilling operations and engineering. He works with these executives to ensure that the company remains as the largest provider of drilling rigs.

With a large client base in the U.S. and several countries globally, Nabors is currently traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Nabors Industries utilizes innovative technologies and performance tools when responding to clients’ drilling demands. Nabors also comprises of a competent workforce that carries out advanced drilling operations.

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