How Dr. Imran Haque’s Multitasking Ability has been Instrumental in his Internal Medicine Practice

Dr. Imran Haque is among the few medical practitioners from Asheboro, NC, who have managed to juggle between entrepreneurship and internal medicine practice. Prior to founding Horizon Internal Medicine, Dr. Haque realized that some medical services were not offered in his community. He decided to open Horizon Internal Medicine to provide these services.

Productivity at Work

As he manages the operations of Horizon Internal Medicine from his Asheboro based office, Dr. Haque believes that ideation is as a result of several factors. These include financial means, hard work, thorough research, and diligence. Dr. Haque embraces these factors in his ideation processes. He also believes in being patient and organized and establishing symbiotic relationships with other practitioners as ways of achieving success.

Dr. Imran attributes his success in entrepreneurship and internal medicine practice from his keen interest in technology. He believes that invaluable advancements have been witnessed in medicine thanks to the integration of technology in modern medical processes. He is certain that these advancements have enabled medical practitioners to excel in their practices.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Imran relies on his ability to multitask for productivity purposes. When multitasking, he strives for balance and efficiency. His multitasking ability has also allowed him to oversee the business strategies for Horizon Internal Medicine and treat patients with diverse illnesses. He is certain that the best way of being productive in entrepreneurship is through multitasking.

About Dr. Imran

Dr. Imran is a highly-reputable and caring internal medicine practitioner from North Carolina. He is also a skilled and licensed medical practitioner with a medical degree from Santa Domingo-based UNIBE and an M.D. from the famed University of Virginia. Haque’s Horizon Internal Medicine is situated in Asheboro, North Carolina. He practices internal medicine from the health facility.

Throughout his 15-year-long career, Dr. Haque has been providing treatment options to patients with illnesses such as diabetes. His extensive experience has also enabled him to carry out diverse medical examinations on patients to determine their illnesses. Dr. Haque works based on a commitment to serve Asheboro residents who seek treatment from Horizon Internal Medicine.

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