How to Keep Both a Nice Lawn and a Happy Dog

Having a dog in your family is such a blessing in so many ways. Dogs become part of the family the minute that you bring them home, and throughout their time with you, they bring so much light and love to your household.


With that being said, those little rascals also know exactly how to anger you to the point of no return when they chew your favorite high heeled shoes, pee on your brand new sofa or carpet and mess up your lawn outside.


The latter is what we’ll be discussing in this article, and most importantly, we’ll be talking about how you can avoid having your beloved canine family member screw up your garden too much.


Keeping Your Dog Happy and Your Lawn Looking Nice


  1. Deal with digging.


One of the biggest issues that pet owners have with their dogs is digging. To deal with this, you must first identify the issue at hand. What are the dogs doing in your lawn when they dig?


For some, it may be that they are trying to escape. Others are trying to get out of the heat and are looking to lay in the actual dirt and not the grass. Others just like to dig, and still others may be looking for little critters or bugs. Once you know what’s going on, you can better deal with the issue.


  1. Keep them in a secure area.


Some dogs like to roam all around and make your yard or garden their own special territory. This is okay if they don’t screw everything up out there! But if they are tending to make your lawn look like a desert without grass or beautification, you might think about sequestering your little ones in a certain area that they can make their own.


  1. Handle their business.


Finally, when dogs are outside, they naturally go to the bathroom in places where you may later step. To keep poo bombs from hampering your ability to walk barefoot through your yard, go out once every week and clear the area with a pooper scooper or a shovel.

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