How to Plan a Hiking Trip

Hiking is a fun and thrilling activity that will get you outside enjoying nature. Some people love hiking all the time once the weather permits them to take a trail and others might be planning a hiking trip for the first time in their lives. No matter how advanced you are when it comes to hiking, it’s just as important for experts to bring along supplies and provisions as it is for beginners.


To start, you’ll need to plan out the type of supplies you’ll need to bring along with you. Having a handy and rugged backpack will allow you to bring all of your items without feeling overly weighed-down. You also need to bring along items specific to the type of trip you’ll be taking. If you’re planning on camping out, you’re going to need a tent and sleeping bags to make the night a little more comfortable. If you’re only going for a few hours, you’ll need a utility knife, flashlights, rope and a walking stick that helps you to clear away debris.


Along with all of the utility supplies, you need to bring along foods and drinks. It’s easy to assume that you can get through a hike without a nourishing meal, but it’s another thing when you’re feeling lightheaded and dizzy while walking. Be sure to bring along protein-packed foods like peanut butter sandwiches and trail mix with nuts to boost your energy. You should bring along a lot of drinks to keep yourself hydrated throughout the whole trip.


Before going on a trip, you need to plan out where you’re going to be going and how long the trail is. For instance, if you’ll be taking a 7-mile hike, you should expect to be out for just a few hours and will want to go earlier in the day to avoid getting stuck out in nightfall. If the trail is 25-miles or longer, expect to have to camp out overnight with your crew. Most hiking trails won’t have cellphone service, so you’ll need another way to contact the outside world in case of an emergency such as a panic button necklace or walkie talkies.


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