How to Prepare for a Weekend Camping Trip

Camping is a great way to spend some much-needed time outdoors hiking and living off of the land. However, without proper preparation, outdoor camping can be a total nightmare for you and your friends (source). When planning your trip, it is crucial that you bring all of the necessary protective supplies such as an insulated sleeping bag, wind-proof tent and thermal clothing. While cotton may be perfect for typical suburb living, it’s not your friend when you’re camping deep in the woods. You need clothing that has been specially layered with thermal protection and specifically works to wick away moisture from the body, preventing hypothermia.


Before embarking on your next trip, it’s important to take provisions to keep you nourished and energized. Foods such as granola bars, trail mix, canned veggies and peanut butter with bread are all perfect for keeping you and your camp mates satiated. Unless you’re planning on living exclusively on peanut butter sandwiches the entire weekend, you should also bring along a gas-powered portable stove with enough canned foods and meats. Now is not the time to try out a new recipe or cuisine; stick to the recipes you know when camping outdoors to prevent yourself from wasting food.


A portable power station is perfect for keeping gadgets going and vehicles mobilized. If you’re bringing along rechargeable flashlights, smartphones, tracking devices and lanterns, you’ll need to charge these up when they lose power. Portable charging stations allow you to plug in a wide range of devices, from ones that use basic plugs to USB ports. While buying a portable charge station can be expensive, it will be one of the most-used items you bring on your camping trips. Creating a checklist before packing for the trip will ensure that you don’t forget anything that is important or significant.


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