IAP Worldwide Services Announces New Developments

IAP Worldwide Services is a leader of global scale logistics, facilities management, and technical services. IAP Worldwide Services has over 2,000 employees located in over 25 countries throughout the World.

IAP is always ready to help, no matter if it’s a natural disaster, or an overseas battle. IAP Worldwide Services has the experience to plan ahead, coordinate, and implement unique challenges. IAP helps maintain and manage military installations, facilities, and research laboratories. The services help unite the people, program management, and technology needed to keep the customer’s workforce flexible throughout the World.

IAP has over 60 years of experience building a reputation as a market leader, exceeding the expectations of customers. IAP believes that it differentiates from its competitors by looking at the customer’s problem as their own problem. They use that passion and years of experience to find creative solutions that yield positive results. IAP Worldwide Services’ corporate headquarters is located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. IAP also has offices in Washington DC, Panama City, Florida. The Middle East, and the United Kingdom.

IAP acquired DRS Technologies Aviation and Logistics business in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. IAP also acquired the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business located in Aberdeen, Maryland. These acquisitions will provide aircraft repair, management, logistics services, engineering, and communications support to the US Department of Defense.

IAP Worldwide Services will merge all these talents together to provide long term growth. The size of IAP’s addressable market will potentially double. Two new units will be formed; Aviation and Engineering Solutions and IAP’s National Security Programs unit.

Recently, IAP Worldwide Services was awarded the Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific in Pearl Harbor. IAP has done previous contracts with DoD entities. According to the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program, IAP Worldwide Services is the only government services provider that has been selected for all four Air Force programs.

The Navy will receive full support services with constructive in support services with construction in support of a natural disaster, humanitarian efforts, and different breaks of service at locations around the World who support the United States Navy. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command is expecting the project to be completed within the next decade.

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