IAP Worldwide Services Career Opportunities, Aspirations, and Achievements

Everyone’s wish is to work in an environment that guarantees a broad sense of equality, recognition for a good job, frequent promotions, solidarity, and cooperation. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of such organizations. IAP Worldwide features on that list. IAP Worldwide is continually searching for dedicated and experienced professionals in many fields.

You should knock on the doors of IAP Worldwide Service if you are a professional searching a job in vain. They are in constant need of workers in the following fields. This is throughout its locations;
• General Management
• Logistics
• Accounting
• Engineering
• Construction
• Program management
• Accounting among many other fields

IAP Worldwide is a fair employer who believes that everyone with the right skills has the right to be given a chance to do what they are good at regardless of sex or disability. Responsibility, integrity, ingenuity, and purpose is what the company upholds in its daily operations.

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IAP Acquires DRS Technologies, Inc. two Business Units
IAP recently acquired two business units. These include DRS Technologies Inc.’s (DRS) which is located in Oklahoma City OK and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS) that is situated in Aberdeen Proving Ground. This was part of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. growth strategy.

DRS is charged with providing repair and management services for aircraft, logistics, and mission support services. TCNS provides engineering services, Information Technology, and communication support to the US Department of Defense and several other Agencies. The move will see IAP double the size of its current market while increasing its capability to deliver. The move also made it possible for IAP Worldwide to offer assistance and emergency power during Hurricane Matthew for FEMA Regions IV and V disaster.

It can be recalled that the company deployed several teams to the initial support Base on the East Coast to aid several states in preparation for the regional effort. It also provided emergency power supply during the Katrina, Sandy, and Katie catastrophes.

IAP recently landed a $53Million contract as the company’s recognition for a job well-done to help the US army complete a ground Intelligence System in Port Fort Hood, Texas. The contract was awarded through the Military branch’s Rapid Response Third Generation Vehicle. Visit IAP Worldwide services on Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, and their official website anytime and read through in order to get more information on IAP’s extensive jobs company history, and other news.

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