Industry Expert David Giertz Explains Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement has never been the easiest or most exciting thing to do but it is profoundly important for the any given individuals who wishes to maintain lifelong financial stability. Unfortunately, given how complicated the process often is, very few individuals have the necessary knowledge to carve out a effective retirement plan. That is where David Giertz comes in.

David Luther Giertz is a highly decorated financial expert and adviser who has spent well over thirty years working within the financial services sector. In addition to that, Mr. Gietrz has also worked for such notable Fortune 100 financial service companies as Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, which he ran as a region vice president in the late 90s.

Whilst in his presidential role, Mr. Giertz increased the companies revenue by nearly % 50; thus when he weighs in on financial matters, most people chose to listen and this is just what occurred recently in a recent interview with Mr. Giertz conducted by Stephanie Rees. The topic of the interview was retirement and how to make the best of it. The first that Mr. Giertz laid out was the fact that simply saving large chunks of one’s pay check, whilst a wise thing to do, is almost very suitable to retire on alone, since you will nearly always be spending more money then you will be making (if you are making anything at all once retired). With that being said, Giertz recommend a ancillary courses of action, namely, combining saving one’s pay check whilst also combining those savings with a solid investment plan or plans. Additionally, he also notes that timing is extremely important for a retirement plan, that is to say, knowing how long it will take to save up a particular amount of money that will cover you throughout the rest of your retirement.

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