Investment Advice from Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen operates a business in the Bahamas. His business is Brainbridge Investment. Through this company, he advises clients on long term investments. Igor was born in Brazil, the football capital of the world.






Igor Cornelsen has served in various positions in different Brazilian banks. Apart from his banking experience, Igor has developed his investment acumen. Today, he advises clients on investment areas and opportunities in his native Brazil.



Investment Advice



Igor advises his clients to invest in declining stocks, since they are cheap. These stocks, he asserts, will not always be declining and when the market changes and they begin to appreciate, they can be sold hence making one profit.



Igor further encourages clients to invest in China for instance. Though he encourages people to invest abroad, he says that investment should be made after proper considerations to establish that the gains far outweigh the loss.



For clients that are interested in investing in Brazil, he encourages them to know the people as this is one way of improving chances of success. Brazil, Igor says, has many regulations and for investors to thrive here, they must understand these regulations since ignorance is not a defense in law. Investors apart from knowing where to invest, they should also know where the best currency conversion units are situated.



Igor’s advice on investing in cheap stocks is particularly interesting and appealing since it is a good bet that declining stocks will almost always improve and gain sway in the market.



Long Term Plans



Igor advises clients to go for long term strategies instead of short term plans. Long term plans have a promising return rate compared to short term investments. A short term plan looks good on paper, but may disappoint in the end.



Stock Investment



In stock investing, clients are encouraged not to buy solely in one company. It is wise, according to Igor Cornelsen, to buy stocks from various companies so as to avoid loss if the investment in one place fails. A balanced portfolio will help protect the investor in the event the investment in one place is not so lucrative.



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