Is Kyle Bass An Economic Assassin?

An economic assassin, or hit-man, is somebody who goes in and destroys either a local business or economy at the behest of a greater influence. The reason this status is be applied to Kyle Bass stems from his management and investment decisions over the last several years, and his ties to socialist despot/president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

For background, understand that Bass hit the scene globally when he cogently predicted 2008’s sub-prime lending crisis, and the effect it would have. Since then he hasn’t really made any predictions of note, and his hedge fund has begun to suffer terribly. But even that hedge fund may be a front. One of the most financially and morally conservative states in America happens to be Texas. Where better for an Argentinian socialist thug to hide in plain sight? Bass is from Argentina, and has close ties to de Kirchner. In fact, one of the main things Bass uses his media platform to do is publicly sing her praises–even as the woman makes continually poor financial decisions. How poor? In the last 13 years, Argentina has defaulted economically.Twice.

The motive gets clearer, doesn’t it? Of course a socialist country economically on the skids is going to try and rake in finances by sending someone out there to go acquire them. That’s why it seems like Bass is an economic assassin. At least one reason. A throbbing neon sign indicating as much comes in the form of CAD, or the Coalition For Affordable Drugs. CAD uses lawsuits and petitions, or whatever is convenient, to force big-time pharmaceutical companies into decreasing the prices of their drugs. Naturally, this results in a loss of value for those companies’ stock. What does Bass do? Why, he short sells the stock he’s purchased in those companies. It’s easy to see the racket! Bass manipulates the stock market with CAD, and profits on the back end. For an illustration, imagine that the pharmaceutical companies are a boxer in a ring. Imagine that boxer’s family is kidnapped and held at gunpoint while a thug orchestrating everything tells the guy to “take a fall” in the third or fourth round. The thug is betting on the fall. Bass is that thug, CAD is the muscle he’s used to nab the boxer’s family, and the boxer, fighting sickness in the ring, is some big-ticket pharmaceutical company. How can that company make further developments with victory tied up financially? How can they invest into further developments? They can’t.

Bass works two sides of the street, and that seems to be his intention.

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  • Jeremiah Salan
    December 7, 2016 - 2:55 pm | Permalink

    Be careful to take anything he says publicly with a grain of salt; it may very well be part of some scheme. So CAD doesn’t help the sick, it wounds them worse by halting progress. I have seen sites like do a lot of wonders too.

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