Is Your Financial Advisor Talking To You About Social Security?

A survey of consumers who are retired and 10 years from retirement revealed that their advisors aren’t talking to them about social security, according to David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial Distributors at Nationwide Financial. Given that taking your retirement at the wrong time can result in losing up to $300k over 25 years, or $1,000 a month, this is an essential part of planning.

From a company perspective, consumers are becoming savvy and indicate that they’ll change advisors if their current one isn’t speaking to them about it. An understandable move when social security can account for up to 40% of their retirement income on Unfortunately, many people are taking social security when it first becomes available at age 62, and this land-grab mentality can lead to the huge losses mentioned above.

David Giertz has had extensive experience in this field, having served Nationwide as President and Director of several nationwide companies, and brings 31 years of experience to the service of the company and its customers. He first joined Nationwide in March of 2006 and focuses on leading Nationwide in providing security and peace of mind for those on the road to retirement.

His credentials include being registered as a Broker-dealer registered rep with FINRA, providing him with the credentials to serve Nationwide Financial in growing their portfolio and handling stocks, bonds, and a variety of other investments. Additionally, he has passed four exams, including the Municipal Securities Principal, the General Securities Principal, the Uniform Security Agent State Law Examination, and the General Securities Representative. David Giertz uses these credentials and experience to lead Nationwide with temerity and is poised to do so for years to come.

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