Is Your Smart Phone Photograph a Blur? Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa Provides Answers

Usain Bolt is so fast, that most of his images will simply be a blur. Your smart phone might have a decent camera, but motion or an unsteady hand might lead to a blur. Here are Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa answers on how to deal with blur.

“Life is a Blur”

As you pull out your cell phone, you might try to capture an important event. If the subject moves, then it might appear as a blur. How can you solve this?

Let us say that you take a photograph of a busy subway platform with people walking around. Most of the people might become a blur; your viewer’s eye will try following the blur and become confused . You might need to focus on a different subject.

Instead, you could aim at a sign in the background, allowing the passengers to become a blur. You can control what your viewer focuses on says Figueroa.

Another possibility is that “your hand is unsteady.” Did you know that besides selfie sticks, there are also smart phone tripods? These can be useful for reducing photograph blur.

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“Wearing the Same Dress”

“Reality TV” has changed all of the rules for how entertainment is created. Just as “torn jeans” are fashionable, the “fake blur” might be popular in some smart phone photograph circles.

The problem with the “fake blur” is that “if everyone else is doing the fake blur on Social Media,” then you might look like a copy cat. Eventually, people ask themselves, “haven’t I seen that photo feature somewhere else?” A fake blur is a “dead giveaway that you’ve been messing with the image.”

“Helping Youth Remove Blur”

For some young people, their lives might be a blur. They are full of hopes, dreams and energy, but they don’t know how to properly channel this energy. They need guidance.

One of the Panamanian entrepreneurs, providing this guidance is Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. He is a prominent member of the Panama business community. He mentors young leaders on the right path for success. Mr. Figueroa holds executive positions in five different businesses.

If you want a blur, then there are plenty of filters, providing you with this feature. If you don’t want a blur, then you might consider the cell phone tripod or simply place your smart phone on a firm surface. Control the “blur” to get the best photo.

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