James Dondero and the Highland Capital Promise

James Dondero has to be one of the most accomplished professionals nurtured at the University of Virginia. James has served in the Accounting and Finance industry for three decades and brought lots of expertise and knowledge in all his undertakings.

Dondero also appears to be an administrative genius judging from his roles at CCS Medical, MMG Studios, NexBank and the American Banking Corporation as a member of the board of directors. In an ever changing and extremely challenging environment, James Dondero has won the hearts of investors, stakeholders and his peers alike with his understanding of finance and economic trends.

An investment advisor with qualities as those James Dondero exhibits will always have an easy time winning over customers. In James Dondero’s case, his attributes saw his career grow, and now he runs his firm known as Highland Capital. As fate would have it, Highland Capital exemplifies Dondero’s finest qualities and competencies in the investment banking sector. It’s an experienced, bold and disciplined organization.

Highland Capital has also grown in business and reputation in the same manner that Dondero’s star rose. James Dondero bears the title and responsibility of the co-founder and the CEO of the organization. Interestingly, his professional achievements are also recognized by the Chartered Financial Analyst body which has duly assigned Mr. Dondero a similar title.

One of the expert services offered by Highland Capital Management includes the Collateralized Loan Obligation. This package represents one of the career works of James Dondero. Earlier in his career, James became an important member of the team that developed the concept of the CLO. He has high confidence in the performance of the CLO such that he pioneered its implementation after the establishment of Highland Capital.

In an industry where investment bankers receive more scrutiny from regulators, Highland Capital has won the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission. It now boasts of an asset portfolio of around $20 million. The firm has also diversified into alternative investments and public pension plans, wealth management as well as government advisory.

The growth path has also seen Highland Capital expand from its Dallas headquarters to Singapore, Sao Paulo and Seoul, South Korea.

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