Jeremy Goldstein: Advice in Providing Stocks to Employees

Jeremy Goldstein, a prominent lawyer and blogger, has posted a new article explaining how “knockout” stock options can help employers, especially those who have already terminated the stock benefit. According to his post, several companies have decided to stop giving their employees the benefit to own share options because they wanted to save money. However, Jeremy Goldstein thinks otherwise. Based on what he thinks is going on, companies are terminating this benefit because of the possibility that stock options can drop in prices, but still requiring businesses to report all of the associated expenses; or, more employees are seeing money as more valuable than stock options; and finally, providing stock options is seen as an accounting burden. However, employers must understand that providing stock options to their employees also have some benefits. Compared to salary increase, or better insurance plans, providing stock options is more preferable because it is much easier to give, and employees can understand the system quickly; also, it allows the employees to work harder to lead the company to success in order for their value to rise. Nevertheless, it is still within the company’s decision whether they would like to provide stock options as a form of benefit to their employees. Because of the economic downturn that the world is currently experiencing, many companies are thinking about their survival first. It is understandable that they would choose cutting expenses, rather than spending more because it would spell bankruptcy for them, and it would endanger the jobs of their employees.



Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate lawyer who has more than 15 years of experience. He has been using his skills to help out those who are having legal issues in the corporate world. Jeremy Goldstein is also a proud partner of Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC, a private law firm specializing in corporate transactions. It includes acquisitions, merging, sales, and other related transactions. He graduated from New York University, University of Chicago, and Cornell University, and has been regarded as one of the best lawyers focusing on corporate issues.



Jeremy Goldstein writes in his free time, hoping to educate the common people about law and other legal proceedings. Through his online blog, several advices are posted, with him hoping that people would get something from it that would help them with their legal troubles. Jeremy Goldstein can also be contacted in his office for those who wanted to get his legal service.


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