John Goullet as Entrepreneur and IT Staffer

Not only is John Goullet an Information Technology professional, but he also is known for his entrepreneurship. He has become famous for his multi-million dollar Info Technologies and other successful ventures.

Before building up what later became a $30 million corporation, Goullet was an IT consultant. He then moved on to IT staffing, which was the main focus of Info Technologies. This experience helped him become instrumental in sending the right employees to Fortune 500 companies.

Goullet’s former company and the newly-formed 2010 DIVERSANT LLC merger always focused on excellence. In the process, they have taught job applicants how to showcase their best skills on their resumes. In addition, any prospective IT job applicant was trained in areas that would help them become more marketable in the Information Technology field.

Another primary objective of DIVERSANT LLC, which is now the largest African-American owned staffing company, is diversity training. It has been reported that teaching employees how to cooperate with one another in spite of differences has resulted in increased workplace productivity. However, having a diverse staff has also added new creative techniques and technology methods for project completion.

John Goullet has a long history of success, but his career seemed to especially take off in approximately 1994. He along with Gene Waddy, owner of the new DIVERSANT, continue to keep up with the ever-changing technology demands. Furthermore, this company has become a Minority Business Enterprise, and it promotes diversity. This initiative is what helps improve productivity within a supply chain and when working on team projects.

Before his experience with DIVERSANT as a chairman, he had served in many capacities. As early as 1981, he worked in the Computer Science and IT fields.

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