Joining hands when it matters

After the recent sniper attack on police officers in Dallas, an outcry from all patrons erupted asking the general public to help the families and friends of the victims. Banks and their employees have been on the forefront of helping the bereaved. By use of Texas Bankers Association, associate banks have come together to boost the families in their time of need.

Texas Banks Donating Money to Families of Fallen & Wounded Dallas Police Officers

Several banks have made their donations through Assist the Officer Foundation, controlled by the Dallas Police Association. This organisation offers instant financial assistance to their members in the case of an injury or death.

Eric Sandberg, the President and Chief Executive Officer of TBA said that member banks began calling in immediately after the incident was reported. They wanted to inquire how they can positively contribute. They settled on Assist the Officer Foundation since they guarantee that the donations will reach the affected families.

PlainsCapital Bank, a Dallas-based organisation donated twenty-five thousand dollars to the Dallas Police Department. Alan B. White, the chairman of the bank said that the city was hurting, but the bright side of it is that the whole world will witness the resilience, human compassion and strength that will be showcased.

NexBank, located in Dallas also donated generously to the fallen soldiers. John Holt, Chief Executive Officer and President of the bank said that the pulling together will not lessen the pain but will help the victims face it bravely.

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