Jon Urbana’s Interestingly Creative Side

Jon Urbana, a self-described lacrosse nut from Denver, Colorado, is a legendary lacrosse player. He likes to keep himself involved in the artistic side of his personality on his free time, which he blogs and writes about on (Jon Urbana).

Next Level Lacrosse Camp
Jon Urbana co-founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp in 2011 with Lou Braun, someone Urbana has known since Villanova. This is a coaching center for refining lacrosse skills amongst the youth in Colorado held every year. The camp is considered to be the best in the Mountain West and was named one of the best in America.

Jon Urbana is actively involved with charities and philanthropic causes. Jon has been working to raise funds for Earth Force which helps to mobilize the youth of America to care about the environment and make positive changes.
He also launched another campaign to benefit the Animal Rescue and Adoption
Society. The shelter is a no-kill animal rescue and is especially advocating for the deserted cats in Denver to discover permanent homes.

This is one activity that not everyone knows Urbana likes to invest a great deal of his free time into flying. Jon is an exemplary pilot and was honored and recognized by the Federal Aviation Association and Jon Urbana has been included in the FAA Airmen Certification Database.

He continues to develop his skills and shares his work made available to all via Soundcloud and anyone who follows Urbana on Twitter.

You can see this impressive photography that he took on one of this travels here. Most of his recent work can be seen on Instagram. Here is another interesting video captured on his many travels.

Urbana is also an active Tumblr writer and head of business development at Ellipse Technologies, a privately held IPL and laser systems provider, according to one website.

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  • Jerry Killes
    April 3, 2017 - 9:24 pm | Permalink

    He is known for his electronic music remixes and original tracks which he has done with Ableton software and a guitar in his home. A majority of his photography is about nature and animals and pictures taken on his travel. It helps to assure that could do the best thing that they can for all and sundry.

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