Kevin Seawright Appears on the Larry Sanders Show

Kevin Seawright is one of the brightest names in the community development world. He has dedicated his life and career to helping towns across the mid-Atlantic become more economically well off. Over his long career, Kevin has left a major impact on Baltimore, Newark, and Atlantic City. Kevin has an amazing talent for spotting problems and constantly working to solve them. Recently, Kevin moved back to Baltimore and now he has his eye on solving a major problem throughout the city.

Baltimore is a beautiful city, but it has experienced an extreme social downturn. The homeownership rate has plummeted to a mere 48%. The lack of homeownership has caused people to be less invested in their community as a whole. This lack of value in the community has lead to more crime, graffiti, and a fall in property values. Baltimore is in a constant state of crisis, and Kevin Seawright thinks he has the solution.

Kevin Seawright cares deeply about Baltimore and he wants to improve the city. Recently, he founded RPS Solutions to solve the housing crisis. RPS Solutions seeks to increase the homeownership rate throughout Baltimore by fixing up old houses and building new affordable housing. These homes are easy for poor people to purchase, and Kevin hopes this leads to an increased homeownership rate.

Recently, Kevin Seawright appeared on the Larry Sanders Show to discuss the project. Seawright emphasized the fact that he cares deeply about the future of Baltimore. The RPS Solutions project is a major undertaking. At first, the city government was skeptical about the future of the project, but over the past few years, Kevin has made a major impact. The homeownership rate is slowly growing and many new homeowners have reported being extremely proud of their new home. The areas that have received RPS Solutions attention are rapidly improving as well.

Kevin is extremely proud of his dedication to Baltimore. He knows that RPS Solutions is an extremely successful program and he is excited for the future that lays ahead.  As the former VP of Newark CEDC, Kevin definitely has the valuable experience to take Baltimore to the top.

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