Laidlaw Striking Back!

It’s easy to understand how powerless a person can feel when their adversary is so far away that jumping through many hoops is the only way to make things happen. Protecting themselves and their stockholders was all Relmada was trying to do when they were given the temporary restraining order. They entrusted confidential information that was proven to be used to help take control of their company. Laidlaw has taken advantage of U.S. regulations before and have had many customer complaints. It’s no wonder Relmada has went into defensive mode and filed the order.

There are many factors that Laidlaw and Company (UK) Ltd. should be held responsible for. This goes far more than false and misleading conduct. This should be looked at from every aspect. There should be consequences for the time taken away from Relmada’s product portfolio. What about the future customers who have chronic pain. This injustice may have set back progress. Justice should be served for the chaos Relmada went through to fix any harm that may have impaired the stockholders. Every action has a reaction. Laidlaw and Company (UK) Ltd. should be taught this.

I strongly believe that Matthew Eitner and James Ahern should be brought to justice on a personal level, not just the Laidlaw and Company. One of the first conditions that would be brought to everyone’s attention would be a public apology. Not only with the U.S. clients, but with the UK also. They are top management and should have better judgement. Why shouldn’t they be held responsible? Maybe if they were held accountable, then they would not be so greedy.

I also believe they should be stripped of being able to conduct business in the U.S. from this point forward. If they cannot adhere to our regulations, they should not be able to conduct business.

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