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The latest news on outdoor living gives you everything from the greatest outdoors encounters, camping to other outdoor recreational activities. On the recent news about fishing, Rocky Barra Bounty competitions experienced almost the anticipated results in this year’s competition. Last year’s competition was faced with challenges of flooding thus the results were considerably low. However, this year’s competitions come close to what was expected of by the committee.

The competition took place near Port Alma which was preferred due to the presence of clear water. News from trusted sources says that they estimated around 500 barramundis to be caught on that day alongside 150 redfins. In response to this, they were able to catch 484 barramundi, 197 redfin and some small other types of fish species. Mr. Sawyonk who is among the committee members and also the co-founder of the competition stated that this year’s results were much better than the previous year as they were very close to what they had forecasted.

In related news, a two-hour fight to reel resulted in a mighty catch in cobia. Kevin Junker who was on a guided tour to Arch Cliffs with Hervey Bay Fly and Sports fishing encountered a massive catch when he caught the hook worth lifetime. He fought for almost two hours before the huge catch was brought on board. The catch was a new record for HBFSH which opened its operations in 2013.

On the latest news off-road, Mercedes-Benz’s premium ute hits Australian Shores. For the first time, Mercedes Benz’s has made its appearance in the Australian Shores. The concept X-class had been flown from Germany Melbourne Australia for promotional activities to its dealers this included getting detailed information about the car before its successful launching of the X-Class in 2018.

The X-Class Mercedes pick-ups which take same platforms as Nissan Nivara and Renault Alaskan is expected to compete against top most ranking V’W Amarok, Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger among others all priced under high specification.

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