Lime Crime is Hot and It Only Appears to Be Getting Hotter

There is a lot of talk about Lime Crime. This is one of the hottest brands of cosmetics on the market, and I know exactly why it is getting the exposure that it gets. I think that the CEO is doing a wonderful job of promoting the brand, and it shows. I check the Lime Crime Instagram account quite frequently, and this is where I get all of my ideas. It is one of the most exciting brands out there because it speaks to the youth.


Personally, I am so glad that there is something else out there that is different from all the other stuff that we have become so used to. I always felt like Mary Kay and Cover Girl was makeup for old folks. I love the fact that Lime Crime has risen to the occasion as the makeup for my generation.


There are some really strange shades out there, but I love the bold colors that exist. This is something that I cannot live without. I love the bold shades of blue and red. I feel so rebellious when I wear it, and this is all that most young people want. They don’t want to fit into the mainstream. At some point in life we all just want to rebel and do something that is not like what the rest of the world is doing. That is the reason that so many customers have decided to take interest in this brand.


I believe that this will be the most interesting brands in upcoming years. I think that this brand gets a lot of attention because it is makeup for girls and guys. I have never heard of any makeup that has been advertised this way. I know that this is one of the hottest new companies, and I believe the Doe Deere is going to be around for a long time. She is showing people that bit of innovation that the cosmetics world needed. I am grateful for what she has been bringing the table, and I think that she has changed the cosmetics world forever.

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