Local Government and Volunteers Work to Clear Trails in Northern Wisconsin

Northern Wisconsin is known for it’s beautiful scenery and pristine hiking trails. Activities don’t even stop in the winter as there is snow mobile trails have become an ever-growing popularity in the area as well. However, severe storms caused widespread damage and destruction to several hiking trails and roads in the Northern Wisconsin area last summer. There has been a large push to


It has been a combined effort from both local volunteers and government organizations to help restore the trails afflicted by the storms before the winter season approaches. Although not all trails will be opened by the winter season, activists are proud of the progress they have made thus far.


More specifically, all of the trails in Douglas County, WI will be completely open for both winter trekkers and snow mobilers. In areas that maintained greater storm damage such as Ashland and Sawyer county, there is still additional work that must be done to ensure safe hiking trails.


Some of the major actors in this clearance effort include volunteers, local trail managers and governments as well as snowmobile clubs. All groups worked together to repair structures such as bridges and to clear debris left over from the storms. As many of the trails navigate in and out of private land, it is a collaborative decision with these land-owners to decide when particular trails will be open to the public. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is now encouraging people to come take advantage of the trails that have been cleared this coming winter season.


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